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Bleach Spot Repair

Treat Damaged Spots in Your Rugs and Carpets

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Do your carpets need bleach spot repair?  A Clean Solution has a cost effective solution for bleach stain repair.  Our craftsmen have been expertly trained to remove bleach spots from carpet without the need of an unsightly patch. Patches are not a good option because carpet fades and loses about 3% of its color every year. Most donor carpet comes from a closet or a roll that has not faded and the color never matches.

DIY carpet dye pens can also create problems because they put too much or the wrong color back in the carpet.  This makes the professional repair much more expensive because the pro now has to remove the incorrect dyes before the correct carpet dyeing process begin.

Carpet Dyeing Is A Solution For Realtors, Hotels, Property Managers And Office Building Managers

Keeping a property looking its best is a priority for hotels and commercial office spaces. Clean and attractive carpets increase value and adds a degree of trust that the facilities are being maintained properly.

For real estate agents and property managers it is important that the carpets in their properties look their best. Carpets that look their best will increase sale price of a house and reduce the time the house is on the market. Property managers find that proper maintenance and repair of carpets will increase their lifespan, resulting in a lower cost of operation for the property.

Safe And Economical Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

A Clean Solutions’s carpet bleach stain repair process saves our customers the headaches and financial burden of carpet replacement. Proper carpet dyeing saves 65%-75% over cost of replacing carpets.  Our color technicians use the latest technology in dyes to match carpet colors and perform permanent bleach spot repairs.   Our carpet dyeing process uses the latest non toxic, fast setting permanent dyes so the carpet can be put in service within minutes of application.

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