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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Your Oriental Rugs are Works of Art. We Work to Keep Them Clean and In Pristine Condition for Years to Come.


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Fall In Love With Your Rugs Again

Here at A Clean Solution, WE LOVE RUGS!!! Some rugs are purchased as investments, some because they are just the right color, some rugs are purchased because they make us feel good when we look at them and some rugs are family heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the next.  We understand what it is like to fall in love with a fine woven rug. But over time, rugs can become very soiled and lose their pristine appearance. Sometimes pets can soil fine area rugs causing very foul odors. Are your rugs experiencing either of these conditions causing you to not love your rugs anymore? If so, you are in the right place. A Clean Solution has developed a hand washing process that will restore the appearance of area rugs and we guarantee pet urine odor removal. Don’t let those beautiful rugs keep you frustrated, let A Clean Solution help you fall in love with your rugs all over again.

Rug Cleaning

We clean soiled rugs using a hand-scrubbing process to remove stains and odors and restore your rug to its beautiful condition.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Have your pets damaged your oriental rug? We can remove pet stains and odors and restore your rug to pristine conditions.

We Do No Harm!

We do not use multi-rug washtubs nor do we use chlorine or dichlor as part of our cleaning process. Instead, we hand-wash your rug to provide proper care.

Why Choose A Clean Solution?

  • Guaranteed pet urine odor removal
  • All rugs are individually hand washed
  • All rugs are washed in a continuous river of clean cold water
  • A Clean Solution never uses bleach or harmful chemicals
  • No automated machines and no steam cleaning
  • No multi-rug wash tubs with bleach and other harmful chemicals

Our Rug Cleaning Specialties Include:

  • Heavy Soil Removal
  • Guaranteed Pet Urine & Odor Removal
  • Stain Protection
  • Moth Damage Prevention
  • Custom Rug Cushions
  • Color Restoration

We Do No Harm

A Clean Solution strives for the safest and most thorough care for you fine woven rugs. We are the only rug cleaning company in the Raleigh area to be awarded an Associate of the Academy of Oriental Rugs.  We are the only rug cleaning company in the Raleigh area to adopt a DO NO HARM policy. This means that we DO NOT USE MULTI-RUG WASHTUBS, we DO NOT USE CHLORINE or DICHLOR in our wash process, and we DO NOT STEAM CLEAN fine oriental rugs.

Some Raleigh rug cleaning companies will combine your rug with up to 10 other rugs (that may have pet urine or mold contamination!) in a washing tub (Turkish Bath) filled with harmful chemicals such as chlorine.  Chlorine will shorten the life of a rug significantly.

Caution: Wool, silk and specialty rugs should not be steam cleaned by a carpet cleaner!  This is for wall to wall nylon carpet.  Steam cleaning can cause oriental rug fibers to degrade and colors to bleed.

A Clean Solution is the resource for high-quality, professional hand wash oriental rug cleaning in Raleigh NC. We provide area rug cleaning services to residential customers as well as other cleaning companies that do not have the facilities required to properly care for oriental rugs, Persian rugs or other specialty  area rugs. Call 919-878-1915 today to schedule a time for your oriental rugs to visit our professional Raleigh rug cleaners.

Caring for Oriental Rugs & Wool Area Rugs

Your oriental rugs are beautiful works of art — and they are also significant investments, so choose your Raleigh rug cleaner carefully. Because oriental rugs are constructed differently than wall-to-wall carpeting, they trap more dust, dirt and allergens.  Vacuuming regularly helps, they, but wool rugs  require special cleaning methods.  A Clean Solution recommends that oriental rugs be professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months depending on where the rugs are placed in the house.  Entry way and hallway rugs require attention more often than rugs in rooms that are not used very often.

Oriental rug cleaning is a time-consuming process that requires a special facility. A Clean Solution has constructed a Rug Salon precisely for this purpose.  Because the resources required for proper rug care are not available to our Raleigh rug cleaning technicians while out on calls, proper specialty rug cleaning cannot be performed at your location.  While at our facility, your wool and oriental rugs will undergo 7 steps of thorough pampering: from our Raleigh rug cleaners:

The Salon Treatment

  • Examination – We test for dye stability and look for any damage or special conditions that may need to be brought to your attention before cleaning begins.
  • Dry soil removal – The most important step in the process, it is also often overlooked by other rug cleaners. A Clean Solution uses the advanced Rug Badger equipment to remove the dry soils from deep within the rug.  Wool rugs can hold 1 pound of dry soil per square foot!  This is the most destructive type of soil for wool rugs and MUST be removed before cleaning.
  • Pet urine decontamination – when necessary, the rugs are placed in a neutralizing bath to remove the urine salts and odors.  This allows A Clean Solution to give a 100% Urine Odor Removal Guarantee.
  • Preconditioning – Each rug is preconditioned with a wool-safe cleaning agent.
  • Wash & rinse – A rich, foaming wash and cold water rinse flush soils and contaminants from the rug.
  • Drying – The rug is groomed and dried in a controlled chamber with air movers, dehumidifiers and heat.
  • Detailing – The fringes and face fibers are detailed and the rug is prepared to be returned.

Additional Services


Protectant Application

A high-quality protectant applied to rug to guard rug fibers from soil and stains.


Fiber Rejuvenation

A Clean Solution has a specialty product that softens and moisturizes the wool and enhances the colors.


Moth Repellant

A solution applied to wool fibers to prevent moths from eating the rug.


Allergen Treatment

A hypoallergenic treatment applied to control dust mites and animal dander.


Rug Pads

A Clean Solution can provide a custom rug pad to prevent your rug from moving and to increase the life of your rug


Appraisal Services

A Clean Solution can provide appraisal services for your fine wool and silk rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you clean rugs that have pet urine in them?

Yes! A Clean Solution can guarantee pet urine odor removal.  Our rug cleaners in Raleigh, NC can add an additional process between step 2 and step 3, submerging the wool rug in a urine and odor neutralizer for up to 8 hours. When pet urine is deposited on the rug, the fibers absorb it all the way to the core of the fiber. A standard Raleigh rug cleaning will clean the outside of the fiber, but will not neutralize the odor in the core of the fiber. Many of our new clients call us with rugs that have been cleaned by other oriental rug cleaners, but still have a bad odor. Often, the rugs were surface cleaned with no attention paid to the odor problem, or they were cleaned at the customer’s location where proper decontamination cannot be performed.

Can oriental rugs be cleaned inside my home?

To a degree. On-site oriental rug cleaning can be performed, but there are some risks and air quality issues. First, wet wool smells like wet sheep (very bad). Second, without the dry soil removal process, the dry soils in the rug fibers will turn into mud when water and cleaning solution comes in contact with them. This makes the soils very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove and can cause problems for future cleanings.  Drying is also a problem.  If wool rugs are not dried quickly, browning and dye bleeding can occur.  Lastly, the fringes can not be properly cleaned on site.

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